Jamie joke still cooking

– The former Rick Hart showroom corner of Francisco Street and Belmont Avenue (just back from Great Eastern Highway in Rivervale) is a large, empty space. There is heaps of parking in this location. The property is for lease.

Mario Palandri

– In respect of your April 1 article, and assuming it was not an April Fool’s joke, a perfect location for a new Jamie Oliver restaurant would be the vacant restaurant in Mends Street, South Perth. Mends Street has Thai and Indian restaurants, a caf´┐Ż-style restaurant, a hotel and and three fine-dining restaurants.

It lacks a trattoria-type Italian restaurant and Jamie’s Italian would be a perfect addition.

In terms of profitability and attractiveness of location for him, South Perth has good links from the city; it has a population that eats out (the restaurants available are full), it has constant tourist visitors and the fact that there are three established fine-dining restaurants in the immediate vicinity will ensure a clientele.