Just a yes, or no

ANY doubt over the proposed (forced) amalgamation of Belmont and Kalamunda has been dispelled by the statement by our local MLA Glenys Godfrey, who has already decided on the new name (Roe) she would like for the amalgamated councils.

I recently sent Ms Godfrey an email outlining my opposition to this amalgamation, but never received a reply – no wonder, it seems as if it’s a done deal.

I don’t know anyone from Belmont who wants this to go ahead and I’m under the impression Kalamunda residents don’t want it either.

But hey, Ms Godfrey’s boss, Colin Barnett, has decided that we don’t know what’s best for us and Ms Godfrey seems to be keeping quite on the subject.

Will she please state her position on this amalgamation – just a yes you are for it or no you’re not.