Loss fortunate

THE assault on my integrity by Mr Kevin Watkins (Claim Fanciful, Gazette, November 26) is pathetic and disappointing but proves that these accusations only add credence to my previous observations.

His suggestion that my failure to procure a seat on Belmont council is ‘sour grapes’ is incorrect; rather it was the ‘sweetness of fine liquor’, for I have secured the knowledge of those against me, their political agenda and interference.

I am fortunate to have lost.

From my observations from within, I have noted what seems a deliberate, alternate plan to unseat the correct players in this political arena.

Mr Watkins questioned my arithmetic but I do not need to be a mathematician to encounter the overt servitude of the unions to the Belmont Community Group and its guidance by left-wing politics.

I have never been a member of any political party and have always stated my independence and my allegiance to none.

I am a free speaker and have always been responsible for my own actions.

During the course of the past elections, I have never requested nor received any assistance or gain from any individual or party, nor would I.

I do not answer for other parties.

My comments reflect my observations from an independent viewpoint and the result thereby gained without malice or exception.

Terrance Weston, Belmont