Elderly lost dog returned to Lathlain owners

OUR beloved bichon frise dog Jolie escaped from home in Lathlain on Sunday, November 16.

At the age of 16, Jolie travelled a great distance from home, although she has always been a great walker.

Eventually, Jolie was found and rescued by John and his wonderful family and returned to us some two or three hours later ” the longest time in our lives.

We express our gratitude and thank the friends, neighbours and strangers who gathered together to bring our old girl safely home.

John and family, we do hope you enjoyed our home-baked cake and beverages ” it just doesn’t seem enough.

One thing the episode does prove is that the bush telegraph is wonderful and it shows community spirit is still alive with us in Lathlain.

Jolie doesn’t realise the worry she caused. To her it was just one dog’s day out and an adventure.