Make your vote count

I APPLAUD Michele Nugent’s editorial in the September 17 edition on the coming council elections, urging us to firstly examine what those nominating stand for and secondly to actually vote in the coming council elections.

Aside from the proposed amalgamations, there are a number of issues on the table that we all need to take account of before casting our votes.

Are we in favour of our City becoming a high-rise apartment and entertainment mecca with buses being diverted off the freeway to run through our quiet streets?

These are real possibilities if the Canning Bridge vision or Telstra site proposals proceed.

Are we in favour of big commercial complexes that might come with a loss of green open spaces such as Sir James Mitchell Park?

Ask those who want your vote what they stand for.

Go ahead, ask the questions and then cast your vote.

This election is too important not to have a say.

Maryclaire Andrews,

55 Leonora Street