Meters deter

IN response to the article in last week’s edition headlined ‘Meters hurting businesses’, I am a resident of the City of Belmont and for many years have frequented the caf´┐Ż strip in Victoria Park.

Recently, my wife and I were returning from Perth city when we decided to go to a restaurant in Vic Park for a quick lunch.

But on seeing the newly installed parking meters we decided to take our business elsewhere because we had no change to feed the meters.

My wife and I were incensed that here we have another local government trying to screw more money out of its residents and people passing through who are willing to put money into the local economy but not into parking meters.

I sympathise with the local business owners who will miss passing trade, thus reducing profit margins and therefore will find it more difficult to survive in this challenging economic climate.

One must now ask whether the residents and business owners of Victoria Park are being truly represented by their local council.

I suggest that they should attend the next council meeting and pester their local councillors to rectify this problem.

PAUL HITT, Belmont