No such place as ‘away’

I SEE that from 2018 the City of South Perth will send its mixed waste to the Kwinana Strip to be burnt.

South Perth planners must feel relieved that the City�s rubbish will be sent away.

However, there is no such place as �away�.

The 8500 residents Medina, Calista and Leda are not relieved at all. Paper, cardboard, wood, plastic bottles, packaging and batteries will be burnt three kilometres upwind from their schools and houses.

The 10,000 workers on the Kwinana Strip won�t be happy to have to breathe the emissions either.

We know that these incinerators do emit highly toxic pollutants – heavy metals, dioxins, furans and nanoparticles.

Admittedly in small amounts but humans are turning out to be more vulnerable than we thought.

Incineration would perhaps be understandable if there were no other options, but there are.

Our community gives lip service to reduce, re-use and recycle. Places such as San Francisco are recycling up to 90 per cent of their waste and creating lots of jobs in the process.

Burning mixed waste is an easy way out.

Kwinana and Rockingham�s front yard is not South Perth’s rubbish dump.

JAMES MUMME, Shoalwater.