Not hard to do the right thing

It had been such a delight watching the swans during the mating season and now its mate has been left pining and in shock.

The indifference of people who totally ignore the rules of the lake are contemptible.

This is a beautiful area for all to enjoy.

Do keep your dog on a lead. Don’t dump your rubbish or food scraps in the lake. Don’t feed the bird life as it kills them.

Remember that Tomato Lake is a beautiful sanctuary and must be treated as such.

Tomato Lake is also a beautiful place for a barbecue or picnic, but the rubbish, especially on Monday mornings, is a disgrace.

Push your rubbish into the bin. Don’t place it on top as the crows pull it apart and it ends up in the lake. Plastic is dangerous to wildlife.

If the bins are full, take it home with you. You brought it with you, so it shouldn’t be a problem to take it home.

If these rules are too hard to follow, then please don’t come to Tomato Lake.

Walk your dog in an off-leash area only as there are plenty in the Belmont area, and have a barbecue at home.

I also call on the council to update its signs. They are insignificant and outdated.

People, if you see someone ignoring these rules, please ask them to abide by them.

It is important to all of us to keep Tomato Lake as a beautiful sanctuary to visit and admire the beautiful bird life.