Opinion: No to change of use by Catholic church in Victoria Park

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REGARDING the proposed change of use by the Catholic Church and private school of 20 Teague Street, Victoria Park, from residential to car parking.

Such a change of usage is not consistent with the very good efforts made by the Town of Victoria Park in discouraging private car use in favour of using the excellent choices of public transport and bicycle pathways in our area.

We already suffer heavily increased road traffic in our previously quiet area. Please do not encourage even more.

I have personally observed a decline in air quality because of traffic fumes in our area since we moved here in 1986.

Therefore I object to any retrograde step by the Town in combating traffic fumes, impacting as they do on our health and likewise global warming.

Our streets around the school are residential.

We do not choose to live in an unsightly industrial area.

In contrast, the current state of Teague Street has been diminished by the actions of the Catholic Church and its school from a leafy, pleasant, green suburban street to an industrial zone.

There has been constant and ongoing ‘development’ on its site at all hours of the day and night for many years.

This has and is impacting on our quality of life through noise and building dust.

This is not acceptable nor in keeping with a residential area.

Now apparently the Church and school is expanding beyond its perimeter fencing on to and beyond the public road on the opposite side of Teague Street on to number 20.

We must remember that Teague Street is a public road, paid for and maintained by taxpayers.

The road does not belong to the Catholic Church and its school and should not be treated as if it does.

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