Opinion: Rates make one irate

THE rates article (“Where our councils rate”, Southern Gazette, July 18) states residents faced an 8 per cent hike in 2015-16 and now face a further 3 per cent.

In the report, Town of Victoria Park Mayor Trevor Vaughan said “the council had considered many factors including the economic climate and community factors including property prices”.

I read with interest about the hike in other utilities and couldn’t help but chortle over the sprinklers on Lathlain Park ovals over summer going non-stop during the day.

We mere mortal ratepayers and tenants are restricted by the Water Commission on the use of our water, as well as our bores.

Apparently that’s not applied to the West Coast Eagles. Pretty silly, given the evaporation rate.

If the council has so little money that it requires another rate rise, I’d be interested to know why they were so eager to heavily subsidise the West Coast Eagles while destroying a huge chunk of tree canopy that benefitted all of us breathing types.

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