Opinion: Shopper showed astounding arrogance

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I HAVE just returned from a visit to The Park Centre in East Victoria Park.

Seeing a vacant car bay, I asked the person unloading from her trolley basket (placed in the vacant bay) into the boot of her car, if she could place the trolley behind her car (right next to her boot) to allow me entry into the bay.

She told me in no uncertain terms that she would do so only when she had finished.

I pointed out that there were cars waiting to pass behind me, but again she said I would have to wait.

When she had unloaded, she left her trolley in the doorway of the shopping centre, returned to her car and called me rude for asking her to move the trolley.

Such arrogance is astounding, confirmed by the nearby drivers who could just not believe what they had witnessed.

NAME and address supplied.