South Perth: Past Charade Sparks Anger

I AM particularly disappointed by comments in last week’s edition where former City of South Perth mayor James Best has attacked present advertised changes to Amendment 46.

Given the lack of full and transparent consultation several years ago, it is disingenuous to say that the community agreed to the scheme (about which most were not completely informed).

Presented to a council meeting on October 28, 2014 was a schedule showing a map of “Building Height Limits” with a maximum of 41 metres.

This was clearly misleading, as it did not include the impact of performance criteria.

Promotional material at the time for a South Perth Station Precinct certainly did not show scenes of 39-storey or 129-metre mega towers, but pictures of buildings less than a third that size.

At the DAP hearing on May 25 last year, former minister for planning Kennon Richard Lewis was very critical of deficiencies in the local planning processes, and supported opposition to the proposed 29-storey building at 74 Mill Point Road.

Local residents have been understandably angry by a past charade of disguised consultation, let down by the DAP that is stacked for pro development, and where their interests and “good and proper planning” have been pushed aside by pressure from Big Business.

I am glad the present council has listened to local residents, and has supported advertising a series of reasonable changes to Amendment 46, which I hope are approved.