Planning advanced

I CANNOT let the comments published in the Gazette on April 7 from Steve Irons, the Federal Member for Swan, go unchallenged.

It is both disappointing and unfortunate that Mr Irons has not understood or acknowledged the high level of planning for a train station at South Perth; planning that has involved a wide and comprehensive consultation process with our community.

Since at least 2002, following legislation passed to facilitate the Jandakot to Perth railway, the State Government has consistently supported a railway station in South Perth.

It has done this in a number of ways, including straightening Kwinana Freeway at Richardson Street during construction of the Perth to Mandurah railway to provide space in the central median to have a railway station in that location.

In addition, concept designs were prepared by the Public Transport Authority for the South Perth station.

State Government planning agencies have contributed funds and formed a partnership with the City to undertake studies aimed at increasing employment opportunities and residential density within the �walkable catchment� area to support a railway station.

Town Planning Scheme Amendment No. 25 (South Perth Station Precinct) was approved by the Planning Minister and was finally gazetted in January 2013.

Including the prerequisite precinct study, this scheme amendment had been in progress for some six years.

Moreover, the State Government consistently agreed that a railway station would be provided subject to funds being available in the State Budget.

Funding for the train station was originally included in the State Government Forward Budget estimates.

However, the project was deferred pending the completion of Amendment No. 25.

I take exception to the disparaging remarks about our City by our own Federal Member and I suggest that perhaps Mr Irons has overlooked the South Perth Station Precinct Plan.

All those who serve and work for the City and its residents should be treated with the utmost respect, which Mr Irons is not adhering to.

I am obliged to correct misinformation and misguided criticism of the City.

It is regrettable that our Federal Member is disparaging our City for working co-operatively with the State Government towards the local residents’ preferred outcome � a train station in South Perth for the growing numbers of residents and visitors.


City of South Perth.