Preserve our native trees

I ATTENDED the Sunday community day at Lathlain Oval and I was mostly happy to see the plans for the area.

I am concerned that many of the mature established gum trees will be levelled to the ground and a few replacements will be new little saplings.

I am sure that there is a tuart tree (eucalyptus gomphocephala) at the back the oval near the compensation basin towards the current rear car park and Bishopgate Street.

Tuart trees are seldom found more than 15km from the coast, so this is rare and definitely needs to be protected and considered for conservation.

There is also a big tuart tree in Tom Wright Reserve that also needs to be protected.

The other point that I am concerned about is that the Lathlain Place area is to be planted with jacarandas.

This is an opportunity for the council to do something Australian.

We have more than 700 species of eucalypts ranging from small mallees to large trees and everything in between.

Native trees provide habitat for our native birds and other fauna ” they do not recognise deciduous trees as home.

Our birds are not migratory and they are territorial.

Kings Park has developed a red flowering gum cultivar called summer red that flowers all summer.

This is a hybrid between the red flowering gum and another closely related plant from the Kimberley.

There are many wonderful gums that could be used.

There are also acacias that are very hardy.

I also feel that the eagles would probably like something that doesn’t look like a purple haze when in flower.


Victoria Park