Quiet on the issue

AS a City of Belmont resident, I am made constantly aware of publicity relating to our MLA Glenys Godfrey.

Our former mayor is conspicuously quiet when it comes to one of the most important events that might take place in her electorate in the history of Belmont.

Residents have voiced their overwhelming objection to forced amalgamations or boundary changes.

Let’s make no bones about it; councils are being forced to implement this State Government’s so-called rationalisation of local governments.

I wonder what Ms Godfrey has actually done to represent her electorate on this issue, apart from a few words in the chamber to speak against the Premier’s wishes?

Residents may well ask if she is willing to cross the floor if given the opportunity, stand with the Opposition and truly represent the people’s wishes.

As a previous mayor of Belmont, I would have expected her to fight tooth and nail for the residents and ratepayers to keep the City independent.

PAUL HITT, Belmont