Rat poison plea

We have had a number of bandicoots (quendas) brought to the centre that unfortunately did not survive.

Bandicoots are known to eat mice or rats, as are some birds of prey, and therefore are extremely vulnerable to toxins.

A baited mouse or rat is easy prey for the bandicoots and the poisons remain active in the mouse or rat and ingested as secondary poison by the bandicoots.

If you need to use a product, please use the Racumin (Bayer product) bait, placed in an ice cream container.

Put the lid on and then turn it upside down so the lid becomes the base.

Cut a hole in the side of the container and place it in areas that are not frequented, such as a shed, garage or in the ceilings.

Do not allow your pets to have first access to the bait. If your pet or any wildlife eat a mouse or rat affected by the bait, it will not go down the food chain.

Please help us save our wildlife.