Redirect comment

I WAS recently contacted concerning my opinion piece, forwarded to your newspaper and members of the Local Government Advisory Board.

The person reminded me of a well-known George Bernard Shaw quote: ‘Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything’.

I couldn’t agree more.

While most people will readily accept the above quote as a truism, I can’t help but think that my correspondent is confusing the word change to that of acquisition.

To infer that the annexure of selective sections of the Burswood Peninsular can somehow be explained away as progressive change is to my mind drawing a particularly long bow.

His comments might better be directed to the members of the board, reminding them of their responsibility and for them to acknowledge the difference between legitimate changes to that of compulsory acquisition.

Amalgamation is one aspect of change that does sit very comfortably with GBS’ quote, as my responder pointed out.

However, to argue that acquiring prime sections of the Burswood Peninsular also be seen as legitimate change is extremely notional and at best intellectually challenging.

Bill Henshall, Lathlain