Rights bypassed

I READ with interest the statement made by Glenys Godfrey, the Member for Belmont, in respect of the possible merger of the Belmont and Kalamunda shires (Residents vent merger anger, Gazette, April 1).

The facts are that she is a member of the Barnett Government that recommended that the two shires be amalgamated.

Initially, the Government proposed forcing amalgamations and repealing the Dadour Provisions that, if triggered, allow a poll of residents to see whether the community supports the amalgamation.

If the community does not, the Local Government Minister must reject the amalgamation.

Glenys Godfrey is being disingenuous in her comment about a boundary change being preferable to amalgamation. The effect will be the same.

WA Labor believes that the Government will use the change of boundary provisions within the Act to allow one local government authority to ‘change its boundary’ to take over a neighbouring local government without the need to trigger the Dadour amendment.

This would bypass any right of your community to have a say.


Member for Mandurah,

Opposition spokesman for

local government