Sale dismays

I READ with dismay, a City of South Perth advertisement regarding the intention to dispose of Lot 800 Ray Street, South Perth on a payment plan to Geofrey Charles Ogden.

Most people probably wouldn’t be aware that this is actually the number one South Perth car park, catering predominantly for customers of the various shops in the Mends Street precinct. Further, that Geofrey Charles Ogden is the owner of the Windsor Hotel.

You would surely expect that, had residents been aware of this, there would have been a considerable number of submissions opposing this proposed sale.

In council’s document ‘South Perth foreshore and beyond 2013’ under proposals for Mends Street (piazza and promenade) under point 4.6, it reads: ‘increased activation along the Mends Street retail centre and foreshore promenade’.

Given that our public transport is sadly left wanting and until it improves dramatically, people have no option but to use their vehicles.

Does council think that parking is not an important component of point 4.6?

Why would any council sell an important asset such as the car park when shoppers have the frustration of trying to find bays due to the chronic shortage?

The car park may not generate much revenue and the high hourly cost would contribute to this. But I believe the cost of parking should be lowered and the car park retained ” not everything is about money.

The residents’ interests should be first.

Would most ratepayers believe it is more important to provide extra bays for patrons of the Windsor Hotel, or is it more important to provide parking for the customers who support the many shops?

Is the council so cash strapped? If it is, what next? Will it start selling off the freehold areas of Sir James Mitchell Park to developers, destroying what is so unique about South Perth?

Toni Chapman, Kensington