Scale queried

I CAN appreciate why residents are concerned over the height of the proposed building in Mill Point Road on the South Perth peninsula.

While I fully support inner-city development that can accommodate our rapidly growing population, I have reservations over the scale of the building proposed for this site, particularly over implications it may have for the surrounding area in respect of traffic movement and parking.

Although discretion on height limits above the generally prescribed 25 metres or eight storeys is available under the City of South Perth�s town planning scheme, I doubt it was ever envisaged that on this site 29 storeys would be allowed.

It should be understood that the proponent has exercised the right to have the development application determined under present legislation by an independent panel rather than the local council.

Therefore, the elected councillors have no involvement in the panel decision.

However, I have no doubt the highly regarded professional planning expertise and experience of the panel chairman, Charles Johnson, will be well used in thoroughly examining all relevant aspects of the application and that accordingly, the ultimate determination will be based on sound planning principles.

I am told he has already sought an independent report on the proposal from the Government Architect.

I remain hopeful that the matter can be resolved to the satisfaction of the South Perth community.


Member for South Perth.