Sky not falling

We have the mayors (not unlike Chicken Little) and their councillors (like Chicken Little’s companions), running about and yelling, “The sky is falling”.

Like Chicken Little and his mates, these mayors and councillors are trembling all over and losing their feathers at the thought of not the sky falling but of losing their positions through amalgamation, and not of the benefits it will bring to those who that they are supposed to represent.

One of the many benefits to ratepayers in amalgamations is economies of scale.

Just some of the enormous savings to the combined ratepayers include only one chief executive officer, a saving of a salary package of more than $300,000; no duplication of senior staff, administration buildings and depots, fewer councillors, a larger rate base which means a fairer sharing of the rate burden, and rationalising of operating infrastructure.

Furthermore, readers should compare Belmont’s rates with Stirling’s (population 202,000) and then equate the facilities and services available to each because of economies of scale.