Telling audit

Only now is it becoming clearer how deep and savage the first Abbott Budget cuts are hurting Australians. Therefore, it is of no surprise that Belmont Business Enterprise Centre manager Carol Hanlon, in not being privy to the proposed cuts, has effectively been ambushed.

I would have thought that Swan MHR Steve Irons would be supportive of small businesses.

The sum of $25 million would be small change in investing in Australian small businesses where the multiplying effects of helping to start small businesses can return to the Federal Government in the way of employing Australians and the gathering of various taxes.

It would be a valuable investment from which everyone would benefit.

As one who has grown up in Rivervale, I can recall (as other readers will), that more than 50 years ago we had small industries in Rivervale such as a clothing manufacturer Davidsons in Alexander Road and a leathergoods manufacturer, Stevens in Fitzroy Road.

These industries gave many Rivervale-Belmont girls a start in working life.

For Mr Irons to say in Federal Parliament “that the relevant minister received no feedback on the cuts”.

And in a obvious reference to Ms Hanlon, “in my electorate, there is a lady who has created a series of textile, clothing and footwear organisations, and she has not contacted me, or it seems, the government, to express any opinion on the changes”, he is being disingenuous.

If Mr Irons did a ‘self-audit’ on what he has done for employment and small business for Swan and then to compare Ms Hanlon’s, he would find he owes more than an apology to the Swan electorate.