Traffic bad now

AS I have resided one street from the Como Hotel for 11 years, I am well positioned to comment on some of the local trends I have observed over the past decade, in particular traffic congestion.

It is usual these days for cars to be banked up during peak periods along South Terrace past Murray Street on the eastern side of Canning Highway and almost to Sandgate Street on the western side of the highway.

This represents cars queuing for three or four light changes to access or cross Canning Highway.

This vast increase in traffic is a continuing trend, due in part to South Terrace being a main artery through Como to link Curtin University and Technology Park with the various freeway options.

Compounding the traffic congestion on the western side of the highway is the Como Hotel. Each evening, cars exit the hotel directly on to South Terrace metres from the traffic lights and drivers often attempt to cross into the far right lane so that they can turn right at Canning Highway.

The impact on our local traffic congestion if a Dan Murphy’s liquor store proceeds will be to add significantly to an already over-stretched traffic situation.

Main Roads is very clear in its desire to maintain or increase the smooth flow of traffic along main transport routes and reduce the number of slow points, such as turns into the Como Hotel.

A Dan Murphy’s liquor supermarket will compromise Main Roads’ traffic management plans for the precinct.