Tree loss devastates

I WAS devastated today to witness the felling of two of the most magnificent lemon scented eucalypts in front of a Mill Point Road property.

The trees have been there for generations and provided invaluable habitat for our local birds. To remove them was a senseless act of environmental vandalism and should be strongly condemned.

The community of South Perth deserves better care for our beautiful trees. I am advised that they were removed to facilitate a development process.

However, I am astonished that in this day and age that could not have taken place while still retaining two such amazing trees that enhanced the park and provided a wonderful backdrop to the escarpment overlooking our precious Sir James Mitchell Park.

I am aware the trees were on private property, but I hope that it will be possible in the future for our expert parks staff to work with developers to find an alternative, which I am certain could have been achieved.

Pat Gallaher, South Perth