Redcliffe resident echoes sentiment of abuse at Ascot Racecourse.

WRITER Peter Hancock could not be more right with his letter in last week’s Gazette headlined “Lost venues rued”.

My elderly mother was abused outside McDonalds in Ascot by so-called horsey people and told not to park on the street as he could not turn his trailer around.

The man stormed into the restaurant and demanded to know whose car it was that was blocking his transport.

When I informed him it was legal to park there and to not swear at my mother, I got a mouthful of abuse.

Isn’t it funny that nothing can disturb the precious horsing community, not even the years of enjoyment of children at the Ascot water playground, which Mr Hancock rightly pointed out is now derelict land going to waste.

Seems to me that the horsing community own Ascot completely and they will not be happy until they are the only ones living there.

What a complete waste of land.

Incidentally, when I went back to McDonalds two weeks later there were double yellow lines and a No Parking Sign installed where my mother had parked.