Walks have been spoilt

I AM retired and enjoy my daily walks for exercise and just to get out of the house for a while.

But what I find so frustrating is the number of homeowners who consistently park their cars across and or on pedestrian footpaths.

I have seen many mothers with prams and little ones trying to negotiate the roads and verges just to get around the cars.

In addition, on Wednesday a young fellow in a mobile wheelchair had to run the gauntlet of busy Kooyong Road.

It is bad enough having to put up with the many building sites.

Do we not have council rangers and a community watch program for which ratepayers pay?

Instead of just driving around the roads, couldn’t the rangers give out some written warnings and/or fines while in the area?

Some of the foul abuse leaves a lot to be desired.

In addition, the excuse “I only parked there for a minute to pick up the kids,” doesn’t gel with me either.

It only takes a second to be hit by a car or have a fall.