Adrenaline Vault Gym’s Bouldering State Titles another step to rock climbing in Olympics

Tim Chin. Picture: Jon Hewson d484720
Tim Chin. Picture: Jon Hewson d484720

WITH rock climbing announced as a new official Olympic sport, Adrenaline Vault Gym owners Chris and Tim Chin are keen to be at the forefront of competition in WA.

The Belmont gym held the second Bouldering State Titles over the weekend , announcing Gesa Graser as the 2018 WA Boulder master female and Brian Tan the Boulder master male.

“I am really happy rock climbing-bouldering has been put up as an Olympic sport,” Chris Chin said.

“It will be great to see more people take an interest in learning the sport with the games being broadcast so widely.

“There is a lot of skill required to rock climb or boulder, both physically in holding certain positions but also mentally in learning to see what the best or fastest route will be, and I definitely feel that the challenge the sport brings is sometime underestimated.”

As part of the Bouldering State Titles Jordyn Damasco (A), Nicole Capener (B), Julia Kok (C), Joshua Damasco (A), Scott Nicholson (B) and Prasanna Suraweera (C) were named open champions.

Lilly Magditsch (A), Jordyn Damasco (B), Mae Siah (C), Bella Harman (D), Henry Mcnamee (A), Maxim Pare (B), Charlie Parkman (C) and Max Botica (D) were named youth champions.

Madison Martin and Cardin Lim-De Coster were named junior champions.

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