Promoters on a good wicket with concept

The sport is new to WA and involves throwing a cricket ball at a course of 11 wickets from a designated marker.

Parkwood resident Derek Mott decided to bring the sport to WA after playing it in Melbourne.

�Stumpball derives from a fielding activity that one of my old cricket clubs back in Melbourne used to sharpen up our fielding skills.� Mott said.

�We have chosen to use 11 targets and for each target, you stand at one end behind a marker and aim to knock down a cricket stump with a ball from distances that vary between 10 and 30 metres away.

�The team with the highest score after 11 targets is deemed to be the winner and matches can end in a draw,� he said.

The new sport will allow men, women, boys and girls the opportunity to be involved.

Mott said the idea came about to allow cricketers to play a sport in the off-season to keep their skill levels up over the winter.

The new sport is not just for younger people; older people who may not want to play more physical or strenuous sports can play it.

Mott plans to start the inaugural season on Saturday, June 13, at the Ryrie Avenue Reserve in Como, with each match expected to last for about two hours.

There will be three open knockout competitions, a representative fixture between WA and an all-stars side, a State championship and plans for a world classic to determine the new sport�s world champion. Visit www.frontiersports