Redbacks spread the load for win

The game was played under intense pressure, with the lead changing on eight occasions.

But it was the overall spread of Redbacks’ scorers, demonstrated by there being five players with over 10 points each, that was the telling factor in the end-result.

Melbourne Tigers National Basketball League player and Redbacks’ swing-man Bennie Lewis was the Redbacks’ highest scorer with 31, along with nine rebounds and five assists.

Power forward Michael Vigor was their next highest scorer with 19 along with 13 rebounds, six assists and two blocked-shots, while point guard Joel Wagner scored 13 and had seven assists and four rebounds. Centre Justin Brown scored 15 and had 12 rebounds, while shooting guard Jarrad Prior scored 11 and had five rebounds and two steals.

The Buccaneers’ Robert Kampman had 34 along with 12 rebounds, while Mark Heron scored 19 and had 12 rebounds, four assists and two steals.

Despite the win, as a result of other results the Redbacks men’s team has gone from fourth to sixth.

This Friday sees the return of the 11th-placed Redbacks’ Women’s team, who are coming off a bye, when they meet the 12th-placed East Perth Eagles at the Morley Recreation Centre at 6pm.

This is followed by the men’s game between the Redbacks and Eagles at 8pm.