Twelve 4 Twelve: Belmont gym preparing for 12-hour workout fundraiser

Tyrone Taeipa from MMA 24/7 with rescue dog Sadie.
Tyrone Taeipa from MMA 24/7 with rescue dog Sadie.

A BELMONT gym is gearing up for a gruelling 12 workouts in 12 hours to raise money for three charities.

MMA 24/7 has set the challenge to raise funds for three charities close to their hearts: Staffy & Bull Breed Rescue (SABBR), Motor Neurone Disease Australia, and Ronald McDonald House Perth.

MMA 24/7 head of fitness Tyrone Taeipa said it was the first time the gym had taken on three charities for its annual fundraiser.

“In my area that I coach, there’s 300 plus people who come through on a weekly basis,” Taeipa said.

“We’ve got a lot of people who love dogs, people involved with (motor neuron disease) and Ronald McDonald House, so we’ve picked three charities that affect people within our group.”

Taeipa expected more than 80 regular gym attendees to be there for the full 12 hours from May 19 to 20, with some young families to offer support earlier in the evening.

“It’s going to be hard, but we’re not the ones really suffering,” Taeipa said of the charity fundraiser.

“I’m sure all of us can handle a few hours sleep.”

SABBR committee member and foster care co-ordinator Ashleigh Warnes said the event would be a great help to the group in terms of both money and awareness.

Rescue dog Sadie suffered from cryptococcosis when she was adopted from the pound, a fungal infection that infects the whole immune system.

“We spent just over $10,000 on making Sadie a healthy happy puppy,” Warnes said.

“We want to raise money and also make people aware that dogs that come in from the pound system aren’t always healthy.

“There’s also a huge stigma on staffy breeds that they’re these horrible dogs that can’t be around children… we’re trying to educate people that that’s not the way it is. They’re the most loving dogs ever, and they’re great family pets.”

Sadie and friends will be ready to support those who take on the 12-hour workout challenge, and all of the funds raised will be split equally among the three charities.

Taeipa said the workouts would be designed for people familiar with MMA, but could be scaled to suit different fitness levels.

Entry to the event is a minimum $5 donation, or $50 for those staying overnight to support.

All are invited to come along and cheer on the participants and bring chairs, eskies and their loudest cheering voice.

Twelve 4 Twelve kicks off on Friday May 19 at 7pm and carries on until Saturday May 20 at 7am.

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