Fringe: Cam Knight gives parenting comedy treatment in Scarborough show

Cam Knight.
Cam Knight.

BEING a parent can takes its toll on your finances and freedom.

But instead of lamenting the fact, comedian Cam Knight wants parents to laugh about it.

The life changes Knight has experienced since becoming a parent to two boys, aged four and two, forms the basis of his upcoming Sunset Veranda show Get Rich or Die Crying in Scarborough.

“It’s about and for parents,” he said.

“My wife and I, for the first time, last year had to do this incredibly romantic thing called a budget.

“Our lives have changed drastically.”

Knight believed becoming a parent meant saying “f*** you money”.

“You finally get to a point in your life where you have nice furniture and it just gets destroyed,” he said.

The TV morning show regular, actor and former Unreal Estate host has previously toured the show to major Australian capital cities.

This is his first Fringe World Perth appearance but was confident locals would be “bang up for a laugh”.


What: Cam Knight: Get Rich or Die Crying

When: Sunday, February 17 at 4pm (preview) and 8pm

Where: Big Top at Sunset Veranda

Tickets: From $20 via