Innaloo: Woodvale actor (91) in Stirling Players’ original play

Ursula Johnson (front) with fellow cast members of Lady Willpower.
Ursula Johnson (front) with fellow cast members of Lady Willpower.

FAMILY squabbles over inheritance are the subject of Stirling Players’ upcoming original production.

Woodvale director Bob Charteris wrote Lady Willpower after being inspired by real-life events.

“I’ve always been fascinated by media reports of families fighting over wills so I thought it would make an ideal subject for a comedy,” he said.

Ursula Johnson, also of Woodvale, plays the role of Lady Catherine Cadwalladr, whose revision of her will causes animosity among her children.

The 91-year-old has acted on and off for most of her life and has performed with various local theatre groups since moving to Perth nine years ago.

“At my age, I am always worried I will lose the ability to remember lines especially given this is a larger part than I have done for some time,” Mrs Johnson said.

“Lady Willpower appealed because it is set in England and requires the actors to speak with well-spoken accents.

“Being of the same era as Lady Cadwalladr, I can relate to her views and opinions.

“It is a cleverly thought-out, entertaining play.”

Stirling Players will also perform The Greening of Grace, about a woman who changes her philosophy and politics after traumatic life events, on the same bill.

Presented under the banner of Grace and Willpower, the shows play at Stirling Theatre in Innaloo on February 8 to 10, 14 to 17 and 21 to 23.

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