Life becomes a cabaret

breakup |inspires story
breakup |inspires story

The West Leederville singer-songwriter has combined original tracks with contemporary pop songs performed in her own 1960s-inspired style with a live band.

Mondello said she was looking forward to combining her theatrical background with her love for singing and dance in an upbeat, at times comedic performance.

‘It’s kind of really going back to where I started and I’m really loving the opportunity to put it all together and use some of my own music, use some of my covers of songs that I really love,’ Mondello said.

‘Last year I’d just broken up with somebody and it was a really strange kind of episode and a really strange story and again my best friend said to me ‘you should write a book’ and suddenly I had this epiphany. I was like ‘no I’m not going to write a book, I’m going to write a cabaret show’.’

Mondello, who was the first to admit a cabaret was a more accurate reflection of her life than a book, said she believed more than just young women could identify with the performance because relationship issues transcended gender, sexual preference and age.

‘It’s not just young women, I think there’s something in this show for men, women, people of any sexual persuasion, any social status, any ethnicity. I think it’s a universal theme; everybody has been in strange situations with lovers or partners, everybody has a story,’ she said.

‘It’s supposed to be empowering, it’s not meant to be bitter or cynical or jaded or anything, it’s a joyous upbeat sort of show. This kind of thing happens to everybody. It’s pretty awful at the time but when you look back on it it’s actually quite funny,’ she said.

The show, which takes place in Mondello’s bedroom, involves the audience in an Italian Stallion dating game show, a broken fairy tale as well as many more twists and turns.

A Hard Man is Good to Find to find runs from Thursday, February 20, to Sunday, February 23, with tickets available online at