Socials: La Capannina restaurant’s VIP opening night, Scarborough

Karri Li and Edoardo Bruni.
Karri Li and Edoardo Bruni.

GUESTS got a taste of the Italian restaurant overlooking Scarborough Beach Pool at its VIP opening event on Thursday April 28, ahead of its opening to the public today.

Pictures: Matt Jelonek

Aleisha Harris and Tiffany Scanlon.
Anna Merlo.
Ballantyne Bird and Jewel Vincin.
Brooke Wren and Nikkita Giannini.
Demi Lawson and Sydnee Lawson.
Gurpeet Kour and Sav Kundi.
Janeille Macneill.
Jenna King and Rhianne Miller.
Kateryna Shyshonkova.
Michelle Marsh.
Nathan Whitehead and Laura Mace.
Riccardo Zivillica and Davide Cappati.
Ricky Stylianou and Lily Sugg.
Sammi Wu and Anastasia Golik.
Tina Vincin.

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