Aquatic apathy accusation

At Tuesday night’s committee meeting, Stirling officers recommended the committee endorse option B1 for a 25-metre pool with all inclusions retained at Hamersley Golf Course, which has been endorsed as the preferred location of the pool since 2011.

But before the officer’s recommendation could be considered, Councillor Elizabeth Re moved a procedural motion that the item relating to the Proposed Coastal Aquatic Facility Update be referred to a future Infrastructure and Community Development Committee meeting once a report has been completed on a benefit analysis of the golf course location versus that of Stirling train station.

The area referred to as Stirling train station is the Herther Road tip site, directly behind the City of Stirling offices and across the road from the Stirling train station.

Committee members supported Cr Re, who suggested that site could suit a 50-metre pool and was a better city location with greater public accessibility.

Pool advocate Lynley Papineau, who spoke at Tuesday’s meeting to urge the committee to recommend a 50-metre pool, described the decision to consider a new suggestion as ‘incomprehensible’.

‘Logic left the building last night on a fast train to nowhere,’ she said.

‘It is another example of their apathy to this project as they did not even debate alternative motions already prepared.’

Council will decide tonight.