Artist makes her mark on world

Welsh completed her latest project, designed to empower and uplift people, at Lot Six Zero in Woodlands.

Originally from Blackburn in England, she moved to Australia six years ago and used that experience as inspiration for the artwork.

Welsh said she wanted to create a piece of art that inspired customers and enriched the lives of owners Glenn and Linzi Pope.

�I, like Glenn and Linzi, made the move to live in Australia a few years ago and the decision a lot of people make to leave family and friends behind, for a better life for yourself and the future, is a difficult emotion to deal with sometimes,� she said.

�Every painting I create reflects how I am feeling and what I am dealing with at that time, like a therapy for my self-doubts and thoughts.

�After chatting with Linzi and Glenn, reflecting on the migration we all shared, it only seemed natural to create an artwork which would remind and inspire Linzi, Glenn, myself and everyone else who sees it of the importance to be free and empowered, to �go out and make their mark� on the world.�

Mr Pope said he hoped the artwork would bring fun, uniqueness, imagination and help to create a warm experience for customers.

�We believe in creating an experience for people to sit and enjoy a few moments in their busy lives.�

Welsh�s latest exhibition Hijacked opens on May 22 at the KoolRoom in Victoria Park.