Balcatta Primary School P and C creates nature playground on a $500 budget

The nature playground space at Balcatta Primary School.
The nature playground space at Balcatta Primary School.

PARENTS at Balcatta Primary School have banded together to transform an empty concrete space into a nature playground with just $500.

The school P&C raised money from Easter and Mother’s Day events to put towards creating an exciting new play space for students.

President Christel Newport said not much had altered around the school for a long time but the determined and energetic P&C members decided to change that.

What the Balcatta Primary School space looked like before the P and C got involved.

“With very little fundraising money, and a lot of volunteer help, we have managed to turn a part of our concrete jungle, into a fresh and exciting nature playground for our Year 1 and 2 students,” she said.

“We want other mums and dads from other schools to know that all it takes is a bit of effort to make a huge positive impact.

“We have been working with the principal on several projects and he has been supporting us the whole way.”