Balga teen comended for bravery in helping 90yo woman

Michael Keenan, Sebastian Haass and Annie Durtanovich.
Michael Keenan, Sebastian Haass and Annie Durtanovich.

A 90-YEAR-OLD Balga woman said she would be dead if not for a teenager’s brave actions.

Annie Durtanovich suffered a stroke when she was getting out of her car; she collapsed in the driveway and was unable to move and temporarily blind.

Sebastian Haass, a 15-year-old Balga resident, was walking home when he saw Mrs Durtanovich lying in the driveway and stayed with her until an ambulance arrived.

“As I was backing out something went boom and down I went,” she said.

“I would be dead if he hadn’t found me.”

Mrs Durtanovich said she was confused and disorientated when she heard Sebastian’s voice, telling her he was going to get help.

“A young man saved me, I didn’t know who he was because I couldn’t see; I told both the neighbours that if they see him coming from the college school to ask for his name and address so I could get in touch,” she said.

“When I met him through the neighbours, I thanked him for saving my life and he was very bashful; he is not a young man that would boast he was actually shy about it.”

Sebastian said it was good to meet Annie afterwards and see that she was okay.

“I just told her I’d alert the neighbours and called the ambulance, I wasn’t sure what was happening I was a bit naive,” he said.

“I wasn’t sure what to do or what the symptoms of the stroke were.”

Stirling MHR Michael Keenan said he was touched by a letter sent to him by Mrs Durtanovich so he awarded Sebastian with a certificate to acknowledge his brave actions and quick thinking.

“I am happy to hear Annie is recovering well from her stroke with help from supportive family and friends,” he said.

“Stroke is one of the biggest killers in Australia, with 1 in 6 people likely to have a stroke in their lifetime.”