Battle lines over bottle shop

Residents highlighted the fact that council had already granted approval for a change of use at the site.

Stirling approvals manager Greg Bowering said a development approval was issued on April 11, 2014 for change of use from shop and office (video store) to shop (liquor store).

“The proposed use of the premises as a shop was compliant with the City’s Local Planning Scheme and therefore did not require public consultation,” Mr Bowering said.

But a 183-signature petition to the City of Stirling from residents, parishioners and parents has asked the council not to support the application.

Resident Grant Dingley said locals had been left in the dark about the proposal and when Liquorland would be moving in.

“Because it’s a change of premises, they’ve done it very cleverly; you don’t really have to tell anyone in the neighbourhood,” Mr Dingley said.

“They got granted a discretionary change of purpose so the council decided the community did not need to know it was changing from video store to liquor store, which is just diabolical.

“We’re the community that are horrified they are building this liquor store on a quiet suburban street.

“It’s a little daunting; the more I look into it; I feel we are fighting a losing battle.”