Blockbuster Northlands in Westminster to close down

Blockbuster Westminster closed in 2016.
Blockbuster Westminster closed in 2016.

A WESTMINSTER video store is closing down after decades of trading, leaving customers “devastated”.

Blockbuster Northlands is closing its doors in two to three weeks and has been holding a closing down sale.

The Mt Lawley store shut down last month, which leaves Morley as the closest alternative for customers.

Balga resident Paul Cochran, a 26-year member who rented 3800 videos, said he was not happy with losing his family’s Friday night movie rental ritual.

“We have nowhere else to go now… we don’t have Foxtel, we don’t have a computer,” Mr Cochran said.

“The kids used to come down and get them all too but now they’re grown up they would bring their kids.

“But now they won’t be able to come either.”

Mr Cochran said he was not keen to drive further to the Morley store.

The store has five staff, including Steve Mackic (50), of Dianella, who said customers were disappointed and surprised to see the store closing down.

Mr Mackic said people freely downloading movies was a reason for the closure.

“I’ve been in the industry for over 30 years and seen it change dramatically and now with the advent of internet downloading it has basically killed the business,” Mr Mackic said.

He said it would be difficult to find another job at his age.

“Effectively I’m out of a job – a job that I have done virtually all my life, so it’s time to look at different avenues,” he said.

“It was never meant to be a job for life but I made it one anyway.”

Franchise Entertainment Group managing director Paul Uniacke did not reveal how many stores had closed down but said WA stores would continue to close.

He said there were 900 Video Ezy and Blockbuster entertainment vending kiosks installed in shopping centres across Australia, with 110 of them in WA.