Breast cancer no match for Scarborough’s Rachel Fitzgerald

Rachel Fitzgerald shakes a tin at Purple Bra Day.
Rachel Fitzgerald shakes a tin at Purple Bra Day.

THREE years ago, Scarborough resident Rachel Fitzgerald received the devastating news that she had triple negative breast cancer.

Ms Fitzgerald still remembers the cold morning she found a small lump.

“I woke up one chilly morning and as my hands brushed past my chest I came across a small lump,” she said.

“My heart sank as I instantly knew it could be breast cancer and I immediately went to see my local doctor.”

After she received the diagnosis, Ms Fitzgerald said she researched everything she could to equip herself with the knowledge and information she needed to tackle the disease head on.

“During my research I came across Breast Cancer Care WA and picked up the phone to speak with a nurse, who was very supportive,” she said.

“The following week the nurse came out for a home visit to chat through all the paper work with me and explain the whole process.”

Now in remission, Ms Fitzgerald said Breast Cancer Care WA provided practical information rather than medical terminology. Breast Cancer Care WA chief executive Zoe McAlpine said Purple Bra Day on June 17 was the organisation’s biggest annual fundraiser.

“We are aiming high and relying on the generosity and support of individuals and businesses to make this year’s event a success,” she said.

“Whether it be yourself, a friend, relative or work colleague, we all have some sort of connection to breast cancer so getting behind Purple Bra Day is a great way to show your support.”