Call to block City proposal

The amendment, which will prohibit apartment-type dwellings being built in areas zoned less than R60, alters legislation that prevents such development in areas zoned R35 and below.

Momentum Wealth managing director Damian Collins said the proposal would have significant effects on the development potential of residential blocks in suburbs such as Balga, Nollamara, Westminster and Tuart Hill.

‘A lot of people with R40 zoned sites are likely unaware that they may not be able to develop the property to its full potential in the future,’ he said. ‘It is critical for property owners to be aware of the quite significant lost financial potential that these proposed changes will have for them.

‘If this goes through, this is going to affect their property values by 10 to 20 per cent, so people could lose $50,000 to $100,000 off the value of their properties.’

Mr Collins encouraged homeowners in the City of Stirling to complete a petition at www.stopstirling.

‘We’re getting the petition together to speak for the silent majority who understand that Perth is rapidly growing and every council should do their part to take in more people,’ he said.

‘Stirling’s blanket banning of all low-rise apartments across the board in areas zoned R60 and lower ” pretty much the whole of the City’s area ” is a poor way to go about their planning scheme.

‘We certainly don’t think that we should be doing apartments in every suburb or every location, but just to blanket ban them in the whole City is completely at odds with the state’s planning strategic direction.

City of Stirling city planning manager Fraser Henderson said the City was required by the state to ensure both its strategic directions were aligned.

The state’s strategic plan and the City’s plan was for most dwelling growth to occur in and around the City’s town centres but due to the vast capacity for development in the City’s suburbs, almost all dwelling growth had occurred in the suburbs.

‘There is capacity for almost 350,000 additional dwellings in the suburbs of the City of Stirling,’ Mr Henderson said.

‘This is a major issue for the City and is not one envisaged by the State Government’s strategic plans. The Residential Design Codes have been amended a number of times by the State Government, each time resulting in more and more potential for intensive developments in the back yards of the City’s quiet, leafy suburbs.

‘This potential ‘