Caring comes naturally

Glen Daly, here with his wife Julie says it’s much easier to be kind than to be mean.
Glen Daly, here with his wife Julie says it’s much easier to be kind than to be mean.

Yet a hero is exactly what he is, according to the people who voted him as one in the Community Newspaper Group’s Local Heroes competition, an initiative which recognises people making a difference in their local communities.

Mr Daly, who cares for his wife Julie, is regarded by his neighbours as one-of-a-kind, going about his business while at the same time making sure everyone is okay.

Neighbour Marian Kingsley said she felt she could call upon Mr Daly for just about anything and that he was a great neighbour.

Mr Daly said it was no big deal and he was only doing what he believed anyone would do.

‘I’ve cared for my wife who has been wheelchair-bound for more years than I can remember now and I’m just used to that,’ he said.

‘I know what it’s like for people like Marian and my other neighbours and they are all nice people who don’t deserve what has been dished out to them.

‘I’m able-bodied and if I can do anything I am more than happy to, it’s just the kind of person I am.’

Mr Daly said it was important to create a neighbourhood where people felt comfortable and if he could help create that in some way he would.

‘It’s much easier to be kind than to be mean, it just creates a good feeling for the neighbourhood,’ he said.

‘Everybody feels that way about each other, it just creates a better place to live and makes everyone more comfortable that somebody is there if needed for whatever the task.’

Community Newspapers honoured the local heroes last Tuesday night at a special movie event.

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