Churchlands SHS student off to Europe with Australian Girls Choir

Emma Kealey.
Emma Kealey.

DOUBLEVIEW soprano Emma Kealey will jet off to Europe for her first trip overseas with a 55-member Australian Girls Choir (AGC) squad for a three-week International Tour this month.

The Churchlands Senior High School Year 10 student has been in the AGC for five years and will perform on stage in London, Villers-Bretonneux, Paris, Venice, Marostica and Rome.

Some of the main venues where the choir will perform include the Vatican in Rome and the Australian Embassy in Paris.

Emma said she was looking forward to AGC’s 20th international tour in its 32-year history.

“I was extremely excited, especially since I was not expecting it because I sent in a letter to Judith Curphey, the founder of the AGC, to get the scholarship,” she said.

“I am actually really excited about London because we get to go to schools and join the school choirs to do workshops.”

The 15-year-old said her preparation had been solid so far but she needed more practice.

“There are about a dozen songs, so we have to practice them about twice a week,” she said.

“I am singing the soprano 2B parts. It is one of the middle parts; we sing the harmonies and then the alto is the lower parts.”

Emma said she started singing when she was about seven years old and hoped to pursue a career in classical singing.

“I am swapping to voice at Churchlands next year and the tutors at the choir are really good,” she said.

“When I finish school, I plan to attend the WA Academy of Performing Arts and study classical voice and music education and hopefully teach younger levels in the choir.

“I think I just really want to continue singing in choirs because I think that suits my voice the most.”

She said she liked singing indie pop songs but preferred to sing in a choir.

“In terms of the choir, I am very passionate about the way they inform morals on us like enthusiasm, charisma and confidence because when I first joined the choir, I was a very shy person,” she said.

The tour will be from September 16 to October 8.