City of Stirling: Comment sought on draft weed policy

Area filled with weeds before in August 2017.
Area filled with weeds before in August 2017.

PUBLIC comment on the City of Stirling draft Weed and Pest Management Policy closes on Tuesday.

The policy outlines the City’s approach to weed and pest management as well as how and when people in the City will be notified when pesticides are applied.

Mayor Mark Irwin said managing weeds and pests in conservation reserves and public spaces was important because they could pose a threat to biodiversity and the amenity of those areas.

“The City manages thousands of parks, reserves and open spaces, as well as more than 3000km of kerb-lines and footpaths and 13ha of traffic islands, so we need to make sure that we are able to control weeds and pests as responsibly and effectively as possible,” Cr Irwin said.

“The intent of this policy is to make sure that this happens in a manner that is as environmentally, socially and economically responsible as possible.”

Parks and Sustainability manager Ian Hunter said the City followed the principles of Integrated Pest Management.

“That means the City will only use pesticides and herbicides when all other feasible and reasonable options are explored, such as hand pulling, mechanical cutting, mulching, steaming and the use of organic herbicides and trial environmentally sustainable herbicide and pesticide alternatives,” Mr Hunter said.

“It also means that when pesticides do need to be used, we ensure they are applied in a safe and responsible manner and that the relevant people and residents are notified.”

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