City of Stirling councils appoints Mark Irwin as mayor, while deputy is drawn from a box

New City of Stirling Mayor Mark Irwin.
New City of Stirling Mayor Mark Irwin.

THERE is a change in political leadership at the City of Stirling after councillors elected a new mayor and deputy mayor.

Cr Mark Irwin was voted the City’s new mayor at a special council meeting last night, replacing Cr Giovanni Italiano.

The Coastal ward councillor beat fellow nominees Italiano, Elizabeth Re and Keith Sargent in the secret ballot.

“It’s obviously a little bit of a surprise,” he said.

Cr Irwin, who joined council in 2015, was sworn in by former mayor and City freeman Tony Vallelonga.

He welcomed new elected members Crs Suzanne Migdale, Karlo Perkov, Adam Spagnolo and Bianca Sandri and said he understood the first couple of days post election felt like “a whirlwind”.

“I know it’s been a bit of a frenzy, it will settle down and it will be a rewarding experience,” he said.

“We need to be one council, we need to be seen to be a council for the people.

“I think there is a bright future ahead.”

The election of deputy mayor was more complicated, with a tied vote between nominees Crs Karen Caddy, David Lagan, Stephanie Proud, Sandri and Re.

Councillors had to re-nominate for the second vote and Cr Andrew Guilfoyle added his name to the mix.

The vote was tied between two candidates so their names were each placed into a blue ball and one was drawn from a box, with Cr Lagan’s name selected and he was declared deputy mayor.

He echoed Cr Irwin’s comments and said the council needed to listen to people and believed it would “continue to be the best council in WA”.

Councillors will be appointed to committees at Tuesday’s meeting and the first ordinary council meeting will be held on November 14.