City of Stirling offering rebates to water efficient residents

Picture: City of Stirling
Picture: City of Stirling

REBATES are being offered by the City of Stirling for residents who create water efficient verges.

The City hosted a native plant sale in May as part of its native verge plant trial, which encouraged people to replace irrigated grass on verges with mulch and water wise plants.

Nearly 200 residents collected 9500 plants at the giveaway day that were expected to be used in about 9300sq m of land.

Survey feedback after the event was positive but the cost of grass removal and mulch was noted as a barrier to converting verges.

A report by the City presented at the October 17 council meeting said in 2017-18 residents would be able to request up to 20 verge plants at a giveaway event and 50 grass replacement rebates of $250 would be available for new verge conversions.

Councillors supported the initiative and the City will spend $33,640 to deliver it within the next financial year, with up to $10,000 in funding available from the Water Corporation.

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