City of Stirling to introduce electronic voting system at cost of $75,000

A $75,000 electronic voting system will soon be introduced in City of Stirling council chambers after councillors supported the move on Tuesday.

The current system is “manual and open to human error” according to the council report.

The cost will be factored into the 2016-17 budget and will allow for new microphone speaker units with built-in e-voting software and audiovisual equipment for the council chamber and Parmelia Room.

Councillor Karen Caddy said she could not support the e-voting system because it was too costly.

“At a cost of $75,000 this does not create any administration savings and I’m failing to see the benefit,” she said.

“I can’t support this tonight.”

Cr Boothman supported the system and said the old system needed upgrading.

“This is not just change for change’s sake, the current system is old,” he said.

“The whole intent is to have a package that will change the system to will accurately record voting.”

Cs Elizabeth Re, Joe Ferrante and Karen Caddy did not support the motion.