City’s new application process ‘more streamlined and simpler’: Stirling

THE City of Stirling rolled out a new Development Application (DA) process last week, which aims to improve transparency and streamline payment options.

Under the new process all DA’s submitted to the City by mail, over the counter or online will be processed in the same manner.

Upfront payment of the application will not be required until the DA is checked by the City.

Planning director Ross Povey said the new process was based on findings by an internal review of the old process.

“The changes are mostly due to the introduction of the online lodgement process,” Mr Povey said.

“The new process aligns our business processes with the online process so that all applications whether over the counter, by mail or online will follow the same up-front process.”

Mr Povey said the new standardised process was simpler.

“It avoids our customers having to wait in lengthy queues, is more transparent and improves efficiency for the City,” he said.

“There has been good acceptance by our customers with our nearly 1000 online applications and many commenting on the simplicity of the new system and payment process.”