Community Action on Meth: Mental Health Commission spending millions to help West Australians on meth

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THE Mental Health Commission is spending millions of dollars this year on services to help treat West Australians with issues relating to methamphetamine use.

Mental Health Commissioner Timothy Marney said in 2017-18, the commission would purchase $24 million worth of community treatment services for people in WA experiencing issues relating to drugs and alcohol.

“This includes a broad range of outpatient counselling and support services,” he said. “All these services can provide post-treatment support for individuals experiencing methamphetamine issues.”

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Mr Marney said recovery from substance abuse, including meth use, could be complex and influenced by several factors that were different for each individual.

“There are many different services available in WA to assist people who would like to change their meth use or who are concerned about returning to use if they have already stopped,” she said.

“Alcohol and other drug treatment services can support individuals to not only identify high risk situations and develop relapse prevention strategies to help them avoid returning to use, but also to look at developing other strengths that may contribute to helping them maintain their change.”

Several residential rehabilitation services in WA provide post residential treatment support for people who have completed their programs.

According to Mr Marney, this was often via individual counselling or group support to help people maintain the changes.

People seeking support and treatment can visit their closest Community Alcohol and Drug Service or visit

If you or someone you know needs help, call: 24/7 Alcohol and drug support line – 9442 5000; 24/7 Meth helpline – 1800 874 878; 24/7 Parent and family support line – 9442 5050

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